Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Organising My Freezer

 Last Week I shared a little sneak peak of my freezer door as I working on labelling the containers I've had in there a while. Quite a few people ask to see more so here it is nice and bare ready for me to start stocking some family meals for when a new addition arrives to create absolute chaos complete our family.

Pastry is stored in the square decor containers while snacks, mince, chicken, extra meat (sausages, meatballs etc) are stored in the handy pull outs from Kmart. In my Tupperware freezer containers (blue lids) I've stored peas & corn, burgers/rissoles, steak and random stuff like left over fish fingers, small portions of taco meat. The two Tupperware red heat'n'eats are the start of my meal stocking.

When we inherited our new but old fridge freezer from my late father-in-law last year I was a little excited to have storage in the freezer door which I didn't have in our previous fridge/freezer. I purchased some more Decor containers (I only ever purchase when 50% off #cheapskate) that fit in the doors perfectly to maximise the space. In the door I store 

* frozen fruit for baking
* homemade tomato paste
* homemade pizza sauce
* garlic
* hydralyte icy poles (ready just in case)
* corn on the cob
* chilli (we use a lot)
* nuggets and packets of steam vegetables 
(my go-to emergency kids dinner)

I labelled all my containers with freezer labels I picked up from The Reject Shop for just a few dollars. I found then in the stationary section.

Of course this is not our only freezer. We turned our old fridge into a drinks/beer fridge so we use the freezer under that for storing fish, prawns, crayfish (hubby is a keen fisherman) and bread. When I run out of room in this freezer for stocking up meals I'll be turning up our camping fridge (the trusty Engel) to freezer mode and stocking that too!!

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