Thursday, 20 March 2014

Today is "Very Hungry Caterpillar Day"

 This year is the 45th Anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book by Eric Carle and today the 20th of March is the annual "Very Hungry Caterpillar Day. It's a real favourite in this house. In fact even my husband recalls it being his favourite book as a child. 

Here are a couple of simple activities I did with the kids last year.

1. Yogurt Tub Printing         2. Egg Carton Caterpillar 

I used a round yogurt tub for printing our caterpillars but you could easily 
use a plastic cups, cardboard rolls or toilet paper roll.

If you are looking for some great ideas check out these links below:

Or check out my Pinterest Page for The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Organising My Freezer

 Last Week I shared a little sneak peak of my freezer door as I working on labelling the containers I've had in there a while. Quite a few people ask to see more so here it is nice and bare ready for me to start stocking some family meals for when a new addition arrives to create absolute chaos complete our family.

Pastry is stored in the square decor containers while snacks, mince, chicken, extra meat (sausages, meatballs etc) are stored in the handy pull outs from Kmart. In my Tupperware freezer containers (blue lids) I've stored peas & corn, burgers/rissoles, steak and random stuff like left over fish fingers, small portions of taco meat. The two Tupperware red heat'n'eats are the start of my meal stocking.

When we inherited our new but old fridge freezer from my late father-in-law last year I was a little excited to have storage in the freezer door which I didn't have in our previous fridge/freezer. I purchased some more Decor containers (I only ever purchase when 50% off #cheapskate) that fit in the doors perfectly to maximise the space. In the door I store 

* frozen fruit for baking
* homemade tomato paste
* homemade pizza sauce
* garlic
* hydralyte icy poles (ready just in case)
* corn on the cob
* chilli (we use a lot)
* nuggets and packets of steam vegetables 
(my go-to emergency kids dinner)

I labelled all my containers with freezer labels I picked up from The Reject Shop for just a few dollars. I found then in the stationary section.

Of course this is not our only freezer. We turned our old fridge into a drinks/beer fridge so we use the freezer under that for storing fish, prawns, crayfish (hubby is a keen fisherman) and bread. When I run out of room in this freezer for stocking up meals I'll be turning up our camping fridge (the trusty Engel) to freezer mode and stocking that too!!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Ten Ideas - How You Can Help Your Child Learn To Write Their Name

 So you want to help your child learn to write their name?
Firstly recognising their name is super important and then comes the fun writing stuff.

Putting their name on their door or in their room is a great start. With our kids every night before bed and when they got up in the morning we would talk about our kid's names, pointing it out and reading it with our finger demonstrating left to right movement of reading.
Oh and I should mention that I was not the one who started doing this with our eldest as a baby but my husband. I married a good egg!!

When they really get going with writing their name have them place their finger on each letter as they practise their name from a name card. Talk to them about where to start each letter and how each letter is formed. Make it a little funny with silly sayings or sounds is always a great idea to motivate them and help them remember

So here are my top ten tips to help your child learn to write their name ...

1. Names, Names Everywhere!

Allow your child to see their names everywhere! Names on their door, name in their bedroom, name puzzles, name cards etc.

Allow your child to see their names everywhere! Names on their door, name in their bedroom, name puzzles, name cards etc.

Write their name on their drawings early on while they are watching you then start getting them to write their name. This is how Jasmin has started recently ...

2. Name Collage

They can collage their name with crepe paper, stickers, sequins, rice, tissue paper, pasta, dried beans, sand, and so on.

3. Magnetic Letters

Use them on the fridge or on oven trays

4. Laminated Name Cards

5. Sidewalk Chalk Outside

6. Chalkboards

You pick up cheap chalk boards from Typo and Kmart have these computer ones

7. Whiteboards

8. Name Tracing

Tracing over dotted names or tracing over their written name

9.  Water Writing Outside

Write on the paving with a paintbrush dipped in water from a bucket. Vary it by using Thick or thin paintbrushes. You could also draw it chalk first so they write over the top 'washing' it away.

10. Writing in the Sandpit or a Sand tray

Use a finger or stick to write in the sand.

Important: Don't start teaching your child to write their names with all capitals. It will just completely confuse them when they need to relearn it later.

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