Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Getting Ready for School Hair Bucket.

I wanted to share with you one things that I organised before we headed back to school this year to make the morning routine run a little smoother.

I have two girls and one of them loves trying to do their own hair. When it comes to getting ready for school last year I always found that I was wasting so much time in the morning searching for the hair brush and chasing up hair ties and clips. I already had a little box for their hair stuff but hair ties, clips and brushes always went walkabout. 

This year I put together a school only hair bucket. I also bought some school only hair ties and clips. Molly won't be having any fancy hair stuff or headbands as the school has requested this to reduce fidgeting on the mat and the time lost searching for lost bits n pieces. The school only hair ties and clips are fabulous because the girls know these one go straight back into the school hair bucket each day before their showers or bath time. 

* hair brush
* detangling
* hairs ties and clips in container

I do the girls hair in the lounge while they are watching a little TV in the morning as it helps them to keep their heads still!! I also keep the roll on sunscreen in the bucket too since that needs to be applied in the morning before we set off for school.

This bucket has seriously saved my sanity in the mornings!
I love that it's simple and easy too.

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