Tuesday, 25 February 2014

That Shopping List!

Yes I've titled this blog post 'That Shopping List'!! Why? Well it's something I created for myself a couple of years ago for all those awesome shopping finds I saw shared on Facebook, Instagram and junk mail (check out Lasoo if you don't get junk mail) and whenever I recognised a need for something that I wouldn't be able to purchase with my weekly local grocery shop.

Where I live there aren't a lot of the big department stores and fabulous shops I love so much so when I make a trek to where some of my favourite shops and department stores are I don't want to forget anything!! That's where my list comes in. If I see awesome finds on Facebook or Instagram I generally screen shot it so I can write it down on my list a little later.

My list comes with me when I venture out to the 'bigger' shops. I used it just last week when I popped down to Spotlight and The Reject Shop. These shops are a 20-25 min drive away and that's in good traffic so I don't want to waste my trip or fuel by forgetting something I need or want. The other things on my list will wait til another day (e.g. I probably won't get to Ikea for another week or two).

If you'd like a copy of my 'That Shopping List' you can download it for free.
Two lists are on one A4 sheet. When cut these fit perfectly on the mini clipboards you can purchase at Officeworks. If anyone really really want an A4 copy just email or message me and I'll pop some up for downloading.

That Shopping List - Blank
 That Shopping List - Labelled

Yay! The junk mail has just arrived and I've already spotted a couple more things I need to add to my shopping list in preparation for the new baby.

Happy Productive Shopping Everyone!

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