Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Project Life Reference Guide

Yes I'm a Project Life addict. I'm more of the 'I have lots of different kits that I mix and match' than the 'use one kit for a layout, month or year' type so I have colour sorted all my core kit cards and some of my mini kit cards. Although I haven't colour sorted all my cards and kits as I still need some sorted according to theme such as school, Christmas, Valentines, travel etc.

Sometime I simply flick through all my cards to find what I want according to colour which I love to do but this can sometimes be a little time sucking!! I also often have people ask what kit certain cards come from or I want to find a co-ordinating card from a certain kit so I made a reference guide up. 

It's a handy 6x4 size and bound with a simple ring for easy flicking. The cards were created using the Digital Project Life Card Design Reference PDFs available here. Unfortunately not all kits are displayed but enough to be helpful and hopefully they'll release more at a later date (I'm crossing my fingers). 

I simply downloaded the PDF and printed them on to the Becky Higgins Project Life 6x4 white cards. I fed them in reverse side (smoother side) to get a better print. I use my Epson Picturemate but you could do this on any printer. I'm also a Studio Calico subscriber so I also printed out photos of the monthly kits onto cards too. 
A simple hole punch in each corner and a Kaisercraft ring binds them all together. 

The simple cover that I designed is available for downloading here.
I did the same printing onto a 6x4 white card but I specifically choose borderless printing for the cover.

Happy PLing!!


  1. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing and thanks for sharing the cover page.:-)

  2. I have all my corner rounders & my misters on cardstock rings. I love this guide, I think I have about 8 kits, great quick chart idea.

  3. The PDF's don't seem to be available anymore - when I click on them they say "Not found" :(
    This is a fantastic idea though! :)

    1. I've just tested them then and they seem to be working now Kelzky. The might have been doing some site maintenence. Thanks for letting me know but if it's still not working for you please let me know again x

    2. A couple of days later they were working for me :) How strange though!
      Im just about to start on my Project Life adventure starting with the story of my 5 month old so far :D

  4. I just found your blog, I love it!
    Would you be willing to share what font you used for "Reference Guide" ? I love it!

  5. I'd buy one if they were for sale!

  6. I agree with jplatt, I would buy one too!

  7. I agree with jplatt, I would buy one too!

  8. Hi -
    Do you know if the PL Reference cards are still working in 2015?
    They don't open for me. I tried rebooting, clearing browser and cache and have latest Adobe Reader installed. I contacted PL HELP, but haven't heard in a while.

    Any thoughts?

  9. they won't open for me either??

  10. They are still not found. I can't get any of them to work.

  11. I'm thinking they took them off so they couldn't be copied and used as cards. Last time I looked they had the cards overlapping so the cards couldnt be reproduced. Kerina I wish you can make sets just like yours and sell them but that would be against copy right laws. It's really an awesome idea and sad we can't make them too. I couldn't seem to be able to download the cover you made, but like the others, I love the font too. Great job!

  12. There is a link on each individual kit/mini/theme page for the charts.


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