Thursday, 20 February 2014

Our Getting Ready for School Morning Routine

I want to share with you all how I make our school mornings run smoothly. Well most of the time because lets face it you can't prepare for absolutely everything!

For me it's always been about preparing as much as possible the night and weekend before.

I make lunches and fruit boxes the night before while I'm preparing dinner. It's always been perfectly fresh the next day. Molly is an extremely fussy eater and she always eats most of her lunch so it must be okay! She has a schoool only drink bottle that is washed, refilled and chilled in the fridge overnight. In the morning all I need to do is add the freezer block to the lunchbox (I still our Fridge-to-go) and we are set to go. It also helps that I have a good supply of baked goodies in the freezer to pop in the lunchbox. You can read about that here.

Molly packs her own lunchbox and waterbottle in the morning but yes I do check. Her school keeps all hats in the classroom so we never have to worry about packing them.

All notes that need to get handed in are placed in the front pocket of Molly's bag the night before.

Clothes are all put aside at the beginning of the week for the three kindy days she has. Molly doesn't have a school uniform or even a school shirt for kindy but I've choosen 3 t-shirts that she has that are a little worn but still nice looking. They are laid out each afternoon/night before school on their Grandad stools. Shoes are place underneath and their school bag behind. I even lay out Jasmin's clothes and shoes on her stool as she needs to be organised in the morning too.

The hair bucket which I've talked about before here is ready to roll and I often do their hair last sitting on the couch while they watch TV. It's the only way I can get them to keep their heads still!!

Don't forget that all darling children are human and there's always a child who likes to have a toileting issue just as we are about to leave. We do our best but nothing is fail safe!!

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