Monday, 24 February 2014

How I Organise My Coloured Twine Collection

One of the little projects I have completed lately was reorganising my pretty and colourful twine collection.

My twine collection was a little bit organised. I mean it was all in one place and in a container but it so wasn't working. Every time I went to use it the twine was getting tangled which was taking me a long time to untangle. 

When I purchased my twine from my favourite local online scrapbooking shop it would come like this. The paper came off fairly easily and the twine would sit semi looped

I had seen some beautiful and fancy ways of storing twine on wooden cotton reels and old fashioned pegs but I didn't have any at the time and really didn't want to spend much money. Then I remembered a had a stash of wooden pegs in the craft cupboard that I use for lots of kids craft and learning activities. 

These were perfect! they held the twine at the start and at the end. 

I think they look quite pretty too! 

 Now I could store them back in the jar or in another prettier jar (like above) but I have some future plans for my twine collection which I will share a little later on.

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