Friday, 31 January 2014

School Photo Ideas

While many of you in Australia sent your kids off back to school this week most of us over here in Western Australia are still on the countdown. In this house we are down to four sleeps til my eldest child starts kindy. She loves school and is so excited she has started drawing pictures for her teacher already.

Now I'm just about all ready for her first day. There are a few little things left that I need to do. I'm also busy preparing my daughter's project life school album which I shared on the blog's facebook page a few weeks back. 

On the first day I will of course be taking the standard first day of school photo holding a printed sign. But I also wanted to prepare a list of all the photos I want to take of other things that make up her school days. Here's a list of ideas I came up with ( not all will apply to her class this year). Now I will be working through this list as I don't want to spend all my time on her first few days just taking photos. I will spread out these ideas and I'm sure add more through out the year. I may even take two or three shots of certain things to record how they change.

Of course these will also not be the only photos I take at school as there will be many events throughout the year that I will be photographing and many general shots of her in the classroom during the mornings or when I'm on parent help.

I'm also working on a list of ideas of other things I want to include in my children's school albums such as sample of how they write their names, what letters they can write, their favourite school activities, their friends etc.

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