Friday, 31 January 2014

Caravan Camping Tips & Ideas

Today I'm sharing with you some great ideas for caravan camping from my fabulously organised sister Bec. Well okay I admit I don't call this camping but in fact glamping!! Hehe .. sorry sis xx

Now my very blessed sister has five kids and is now onto her third different type of caravan. They started with a Jayco Swan, upgraded to a Jayco Expanda and now have a Jayco Starcraft. They are also now down to just four kids (the eldest has moved out of home) but this many kids has always required lots of organisation and great storage ideas.

The first great idea/tip is setting up a breakfast/lunch/snack station outside of the caravan. Could you imagine that many people trying to negotiate making breakfast in a small caravan kitchen? On the fold out table lives the kettle, toaster and toasted sandwich maker. In the drawers ther is cutlery, cutting boards, spreads, coffee, tea, sugar, plates, bowls, cups, cereals, breads, snacks and so much more!! Milk, juice and butter is easily accessible in the engel. With this set-up the kids can get up and get their own breakfast easily.

Check out the bin on the caravan door. It's a croc brand one from BigW fitted onto the door that fits shopping bags. On the side of it is an Ikea plastic bag dispenser. A very clever use of space I think.

Now what do you do with 101 towels and bathers that come with lots of kids? Use an an large laundry airer but stop it from blowing over in the wind by holding the base down with U shaped pegs stuck in the grass. If you've got no grass or less kids try using a removable hanging rack on your awning arm.

Those hooks are also great for hats too!

Now inside the caravan can be a little space limiting so you have to be smart about storage. The Variera Ikea tubs here are great and often fit on the tops of the cupboards for easy access. 
One very smart thing my sister did was turn the wardrobe in the caravan into a pantry by adding shelves. Let's face it when your camping do you really need to hang all your clothes?

One idea I remember she used when her kids were little (i.e. shorter) was to store their clothes in an organiser like this one from Big W at the the end of the beds.
 Plastic drawers that you often find at the discount stores can come in very handy.
When the older kids sleep in their own tents they are very useful beside tables that hold all their crap essential belongings.

They are also very handy for storing toys for the younger kids.

These flexi tubs come in handy too. They can be used for lots of things just outside the caravan from bins to thong/shoes buckets. Or maybe even play equipment like balls, bats, Frisbees etc.
The last great idea I have for you at the moment is if you are staying in a caravan park and none of you can ever remember the code for toilet: 

write it on your hands with a permanent marker.

Now these are not all of her fabulous ideas ... trust me she has loads more! 
Hopefully I can twist her arm to share some more with us in the future.

Thanks Bec xxx


  1. Camping seems like such a lot of hard work, but these ideas are awesome! x

  2. Love camping but we have a camper trailer which we have organised in all specific places for our stuff.Great tips that I will be trying out soon xx

  3. Oh you do it in style! How organised are you. I could actually do camping if it was as organised as your set up :) Thanks for linking up Kerina xx

  4. We are starting to get ready for Easter camping and remembered you had awesome tips so I am reading them ALL I don't suppose you know where the drawers for food under the table came from. I think we need some

    1. I think they were from Bunnings but Big W has them sometimes too I think. Have a fabulous time camping :)

    2. Thanks :-) I saw them at Bunnings just after I asked and wondered if it was them. Thanks not looking forward to the 4.30am starts to the morning in a caravan park though.

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