Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Australian Animal Activities

With Australia Day this weekend I thought I'd share some of the activities we've done for the wonderful animals that live in this great country. I know I shared these on the page last year but I thought I'd pop them in a blog post for you all.

These shredded paper emus have been a favourite of mine since I first made them with my Pre-Primary kids at school about 13 years ago. They are so easy just using a paper plate, grey paper (I bought some from Officeworks) and some shredded paper. If you don't have a shredder at home I bet someone you know does and wouldn't mind sharing some of their rubbish with you. The concertina folding legs are great for kid's fine motor and eye/hand coordination. Of course if your kids are struggling you can always 'help' them out with them. If you want a template for the emu head I did a rough one up that you can download here.

I love these matchstick echidnas. All you need is craft or PVA glue, matchsticks and a googly eye. I did another template here for the echindas or you can sometimes find precut Australian animals at art shops. I found the ones below at a Riot Art Store and I used them for free collage providing glue, brown crepe paper, brown paint, feathers and googly eyes.

Here's a platypus Molly made at the free collage table:

These super cute koalas that my girls made were inspired by the ones Bianca from A little delightful shared on her blog here.

 Last week I even set up the kid's bookshelf with Australian animal books all ready for Australia Day.

Next on my list is some baking for the weekend including ANZAC biscuits, vegemite scrolls and lamingtons.

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