Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Weekends Away/Camping - Kids Quiet Time Kits

A few months back I spotted the fantastic range of cheap kids stationary at Kmart. I had also managed to pick up some cheap mesh bags being cleared out at Typo. So with these things I set out to put together some quiet time kits for my girls for when we went camping. I had no idea when I made this it would be so long before we had a chance to use them but in a couple of weeks we are finally getting away for a few days. We're not camping this time but it'll be great to get away anyway.

When we go away we spend most of our time outdoors and the kids are very active so I like to pack a few quiet time activities for them for when they are a little tired or in the event of bad weather.
We're not so keen on DVDs as we like to save these as a last resort/emergency 
as I feel they watch enough of the box at home.

Each of the girls has a pack each with some notepads, post-its and pencils which come in a fabulous pack with it's own sharpener.

Then I have shared pack which included colouring-in books, paint with water books, tiny little paints sets (from Ollie Rose) and some paint brushes.

So we're all set! I might even throw in some Christmas craft packs too.

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  1. This is interesting! Aside from keeping them busy, these would also unleash their creativity. It's also a way of supporting them with their potential. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Kerina!


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