Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Tip #1

Christmas is approaching super fast and I thought I'd share a few tips on how I stay sane and semi-organised during this mad, crazy and very busy season.

Every year I start writing a list of present ideas for when people call, text or email asking for present suggestions for the hubby or the kids. This year I included myself to help hubby out and I decided to keep it on the fridge! This has been the best move yet as the ideas are always coming to me when I'm hanging out with kids at home. Since it's on the fridge I don't have to drop everything, go off to another room and find my notebook. It's prevented me having 3 different lists on the go as in previous years and it's easy for hubby to find.

This list for us doesn't need to be very long for us as in our families we have a ballot system for present giving. Everyone including kids just get one present and this keeps the costs down for our massive family Christmas. This list is also not ideas for us or Father Christmas as I usually have these ideas sorted some months earlier. This year I haven't bought everything but I know what they are getting. It was super easy today when someone messaged me for ideas for the girls presents. I replied in a flash without having to use my absolutely atrocious memory or tell them I'll get back to them later which I may forget to do!!

And as a project lifer I also decided one day to transfer it onto a PL grid card so I could pop it in our album later on. Oh and yes there are spelling mistakes but that's everyday real life isn't it ?!!

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