Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Minibeast Activities

What kids don't love minibeasts. 
From bugs to beetles and butterflies.

Here's some of the activities we did at school on our minibeast day at 0-4.

Paper Plate lady birds: The kids painted the snack sized paper plates red and stapled on the head and antennae I pre-cut from some black card. The spots are just black stickers bought in a box from my local newsagent. The stickers were great because we didn't ave to wait for the paint to dry completely.

Caterpillar Pegs: These are super cute but a little tricky for real little hands as the pompoms fell off quite easily as the glue wasn't drying very fast. Might be better in summer when the glue would dry quicker. I'm going to add a strip of magnetic tape to ours so I can put them on the fridge to hold the kids drawings.

Bee Hive Printing: With my slight obsession with on-line shopping I always have lots of bubble wrap laying around so this was an easy activity to prepare. I simply cut out a bee hive shape that the kids spread yellow paint over. They then laid a piece of paper over the top to create a bubble wrap bee hive shape. The kids then practised their scissor skills by simply cutting out bees that a printed out (a simply used a google image of bees and repeated them in a word document) and cut into strips. They randomly glued the bees on to finish their bee hive.

Symmetrical Butterflies: The kids loved these. I bought the butterflies pre-cut in a pack from Kmart. Some of the kids just painted them and some loved putting blobs of paint on one side and folding them in half to create a symmetrical pattern. This was a create opportunity to also talk about colour mixing as some of the colour squashed together and made another colour.

Sensory Tub: I simple sensory tub with green spilt peas, bugs & beetles along with tweezers, bug catchers and magnifying glasses. I picked up the creatures really cheap at Kmart and found the nets in a pack for just $2 at Target.

The Beetle games would have been perfect to add to the days activities but Molly was getting it for her birthday the very next day.  Next time!

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