Monday, 16 September 2013

Organising the Pantry - Labels Part 1: The Basics

 I love organising my pantry and I've rearranged it several times over the years as my kids grow and our eating habits change. I love having an organised pantry as it has such a huge impact on my everyday life. I can find things easily, put things away quickly (everything has it's place) and I can easily check what I need to buy when I do the food shopping. To make my pantry work even better for me and to make it look a little prettier I made some labels up for my Tupperware modular mates.

I used to just use a label maker but I never loved them as they just weren't really that nice to look at and I couldn't find any printable ones online that catered for the wide range of pantry items I now have since buying my Thermomix.

In the end I made my own up using photoshop, adhesive printer paper from Officeworks and my very useful 1 &1/2 inch craft punch.

I shared a picture of my newly labelled pantry and I had quite a lot of requests for me to share them.
So here are the first lot of pantry labels. I've made a basic range to start off with and they include a set of first aid/medicine box labels.

 They are available in six different colours which you can download here:

So that's the start of the pantry labels but stay tuned more labels are coming!

Note: Unless you print the labels onto waterproof printable paper (which I haven't found yet) you will need to carefully hand wash your containers so that the labels don't get wet.


  1. Awesome Job Kerina! Thanks so much for sharing your labels too. Re: the "waterproofing" issue, when I printed off my pantry labels a few years ago, I just printed onto normal paper, cut out the labels and then laminated. Then I used stick on velcro to attach the labels to the containers. This way I can just remove the label when washing the containers, and it also means its easy to change labels around as I need to :)

  2. Thanks Adele. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it :)

  3. This is great! Thanks for the great ideas!


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