Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Dinosaur Activities

My kids love dinosaurs so I was very excited to be doing the theme of dinosaurs at school.

There were a couple of different peg matching games. One focusing on colour and the other on numbers. I made these up myself using a dinosaur template I found in my teaching stash.

We made paper plate dinosaurs. They were made using these great free printable templates I found here at Learn to Play at Home.

Cloud dough, dinosaurs and plastic eggs left over from Easter was a fun one but quite messy! If it hadn't been raining and a little cold it would have been perfect for outside under the verandah.

 I added a small collection of dinosaurs to the playdough table along with some magnifying glass. I showed some of the kids how to roll out some dough and press in a dinosaurs to make it look like a fossil.

To encourage some cutting skills I printed these little beauties out on the right for the kids. You can find them here in the Dinosaur Tot Pack at 3 Dinosaurs.

The best fun we had though was the exploding playdough volcano! The kids were mesmerised.

Check out how to do your own over at a little delightful.


  1. Dinosaurs are always cool. I love the cloud dough with the eggs combo. This looks like amazing fun for all the kids. x

    1. Are they just! It amazes me how much kids LOVE dinosaurs.


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