Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review: Method Bathroom Bundle, Hand and Body wash

I love Method products. I struggle some days to keep on top of cleaning in this house because always seem to have two little 'helpers' who often shadow me everywhere I go in the house. Method makes the whole juggle of kids and cleaning a little easier. Now when I'm cleaning using Method products I'm no longer absolutely terrified of the kids walking in the room, breathing dangerous fumes or touching surfaces that might have some horrible residue left behind. Method products don't contain hazardous ingredients and so don't leave behind any toxic or harmful fumes or residues. Gotta love that!!

But do they clean? They sure do! This bathroom bundle has definitely cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom. Which came in very handy with my super dooper cleaning spree just before Molly's birthday on the weekend. I have a particular fondness for the flushable wipes. They are absolutely fantastic for every day use but also for the OMG we have unexpected visitors moments and I don't know how the kids or husband has left the state of the back toilet. You can quick duck off, do a quick clean up and flush them down the toilet. My guests won't have a clue unless of course they read my blog because now they'll know exactly what I'm up too!

Now as a parent of young children I do a fair share of hand washing! With one still in nappies and a bad run of colds in this house recently I feel I'm always washing my hands. I've never been too particular over hand washes but I really noticed a difference with the Method Sweet Water gel hand wash. Wow the feel of my hands after and the smells has seen me fall in love with Method's hand wash. I may just become addicted to the stuff!! Would it also be sad to admit that I love the packaging and the different colours they come in so I can find one the colour match the five different rooms in this house that we have hand wash. Yes okay probably is sad but it's also true!!

I was also lucky enough to be sent Method's Pure Naked body wash. I love that I know straight away that my skin will love it. The body wash has no nasties like parabens, phthalates or EDTA. I have quite sensitive skin and cannot use soap so I love that this is kind to my skin, moisturises it and smells so good!

If you've never tried a Method product I seriously recommend you put it on your to do list. they are fabulous and very reasonably priced which is another thing really important to me. Check out their online store here or check where else you can purchases their products here.

Disclosure: Method Australia supplied me with the products but I was not paid for this review. 
All opinions are mine.  


  1. I agree, I love the method products. I think the blue mint scented shower spray is rather excellent and the purple lavender scented all purpose spray is another favourite.

  2. I might have to try that lavender on my next order Kristy. Thanks x


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