Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Camping Kitchen Boxes

 So as many of you know we LOVE camping as a family. Actually love is probably not a powerful enough word to describe how we feel about it! I'm actually not coping very well with the fact we haven't been for a while. The kids keep asking to go too.

We are tenters you see and it's been far too cold to take the kids camping. When they are a bit older and can manage to keep their blankets and sleeping bags on all night we will probably try camping in the cold weather.

We love to go camping for weekends, long weekends and for weeks at a time. Of course I like to be organised for such occasions and have our camping stuff organised in two ways - weekend getaways and week long getaways. Why? Well we camp and cook differently depending on how long we are staying. Rather than needing to repack according to our needs I set up two different camping kitchen boxes that are easy to grab.

Here's my weekend camping kitchen box : 

Here are most of contents laid out for you. I say most as I know I need to put some more sunscreen, alfoil and glow sticks in.

It all gets packed into a plastic box so as to keep the dust, sand and any little critters out. Last time we went camping there was a rather friendly and hungry little fox.

It all fits in nicely with enough room left in the box to throw in a carton of eggs and a few snacks that I worry about hubby squashing when her packs the car.

Here's the week long camping kitchen box:

The contents:

 In the week long camping box the containers of stuff are a little bigger, there's more plates, bowls, pegs, a bigger chopping board and a folding laundry hamper. In the white boxes there are 2 sets of playing cards for rummy, Yahtzee and a princess fish game for the girls. I must add the alfoil is missing here as we had run out. Sometimes I'll add a saucepan too depending of what meals I have planned. I just grab my small one from the kitchen if I need it. Although I am considering buying a one for the kitchen camping box now the kids are older and eating so much more :)

I used a taller box to pack the week long camping kitchen stuff in but still have room left in it to pack those eggs and snacks again. No one likes crushed, stale chips!

There are two more boxes of camping stuff that hold extras. They hold things that we take on weekend or week long camping trip. We store them in the boxes but don't take them with us in these boxes as we don't need to take all of it. 

The first box has our camping kettle, toaster (we use that if we go to powered caravan park sites), solar showers, salt water body wash/shampoo, headlights, mosquito coils and a non slip bath mat that we use in caravan park showers.

The second box hold the camping bedding and sleeping bags.

My focus is always saving time when getting ready to go camping and space.

If you want to find out a little more about some of the stuff I've included in my camping kitchen boxes check out my camping tips post here.


  1. OOh I have been looking at this post for a while and every time I see it it gives me shame for the mess that is the back of our car! And all the dreams I have always had about making something similar!

    You have inspired me! I NEED to make something similar too! And soon.

  2. Lol Sharnee! I'm sure it's not that bad. When I'm camping I want to relax so I need to find everything quickly or direct the hubby to find everything easily!

  3. I loved how you have arranged everything into different boxes and how everything that may be required i already there in each different box. You can find each and everything at there place easily.


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