Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Duplo Instruction Booklets

 I want to share with you what I do with my Lego/Duplo instruction booklets.
You know the ones that don't last five seconds if you let your little kids at them!

Let me first start my saying this was not my idea.
I saw this fabulous idea in a friend's instragram shot and on Pinterest.

First I cut them up, laminated them and cut them again.
Next I put a hole (using a normal hole punch) in the top left hand corner.

Now for the binding ... well my friend had hers bound with cable ties and it looked good but I thought I'd try something a little different and used some Kaisercraft rings to bind mine instead.

 Now they looked good and colourful but it just looked a little odd as my kids only have Duplo and well there's not so many pages to Duplo instructions so they just looked huge and a bit silly. Although they would have looked fabulous if I was hanging them on a hook but I wasn't. So I went to Bunnings and got some clear cable ties. I think they look much better. Just make sure you don't ties them off too small or the kids won't be able to turn the pages easily.

So where do I store them? Well this was another great idea I saw someone else do on Pinterest. I attached two Ikea napkin holders on the play room wall using 3m Command strips.

I'm really happy with them and they are in reach just above the Duplo building table.
Kids love them and they certainly love their Duplo!

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