Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Kid's Playroom - just using what we have!

 This post was inspired by someone on Instagram who asked whether I had shared our playroom makeover on the blog yet. Sadly we have not even done a playroom makeover yet. I really wanted to see how the kids used the room before we spent an money. For the moment I'm simply utilising what furniture we already have (a large chest of malm drawers, trofast step system, existing wall shelves, Ikea TV table and a 4x4 expedit). Here are a few shots of what it looks like at the moment.



Yes I have just tidied and cleaned up the playroom. No the playroom is not always this tidy! Trust me my kids are very good at making a mess - ask anyone who's been to my house!!


  1. I love how you are using the Easter baskets from Woolies.

    The room looks great. Easy for the kids to pack up toys. Love the pink walls with the white furniture.


    1. Thanks Birdie. I loved the baskets so much I bought heaps when I finally found them. I didn't think of using them in the playroom until I saw the girls using them to carry around all their little people :)

  2. Have just discovered your blog via pinterest! Love the use of the baskets! Wish I could find them somewhere in the uk. I don't have children yet but your blog and ideas will be fab when I do! x


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