Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: Betts Kids Shoes

I don't know about you but there is a lot I can't remember too much about my childhood but there are some things that really stuck in my mind.  One of the memories I have is of shoe shopping. My parents were extremely particular when it came to buying shoes. They had to be good quality shoes and it was a big trip to the city to purchase them. I always remember the big day out in the city when mum would take my sister and I (we were the only two still left living at home) for our biannual shopping trip. The shoes had to be good quality shoes that were properly fitted and that would last. I always remember the massive Betts and Betts shoe store in the city that we went to. The kids section was tucked up the back and I always remember my eyes darting around at all the lovely adult shoes as we headed towards the back of the massive store.

Now when Molly was little I was a bit 'whatever' with her shoe purchases. She has wide feet and was a little hard to buy for. I soon realised that she had so many shoes that didn't fit her properly and didn't last very long. Soon the only pair she still had going that were comfortable and I liked were the pair I had invested money in. So last summer I decided that Molly was having one good pair of shoes with a couple of pairs of  thongs. We went to Betts Kids, got fitted and found some gorgeous white sandles. You know what? .... they are still going. Unfortunately Molly can't do the buckles up herself which she needs to be able to do at school on Wednesdays.

When Betts Kids offered to send me a pair of shoes each for my girls I was thrilled! To be offered kids shoes is nice but I probably would have declined since I really wasalready Betts Kids loyal fan. So to be offered the ones that we genuinely love and trust was unbelievable.

I got to choose from a range of gorgeous shoes in the Autumn range.
I picked these little beauties ...

Yes I picked matching shoes for the girls and they love them. I'm going to be truthful here, they did take a little while to wear in. There were a few blisters for a while but they went and my girls wear these shoes nearly everyday. The even greater thing is both of the girls can put these shoes on themselves! Yay for Mum :)

Now I shared these beauties on Living on a Latte's facebook page and on Instagram but I was waiting to see how they were wearing and whether the girls liked them before I probably reviewed them. It's been about 5 weeks now and I am just so impressed with how these shoes are lasting. Lots of people comment on how cute they are too. I seriously recommend spending the money of good quality pair of shoes for your kids.

Check out the full rangeof great kids shoes at Betts Kids here

 The autumn/winter look book is gorgeous
Disclosure: Betts Kids supplied me with the shoes but I was not paid for this review. 
All opinions are mine. 

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