Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review: Poster Candy Love

Poster Candy

 My house is a never ending project. I can honestly say that in my eyes one room in our house is completely finished. I really want work on that this year. One of the major points of focus for me this year is the walls. I simply do not have enough photos, pictures, art on my walls. They are all looking a little blank to me. I do have to make a confession though .... there are lots of empty frames waiting for me to fill and find a space for. A couple of years ago I purchased these Ribba frames from Ikea to go in our bedroom. They matched our furniture and I was going to put them up above our bedhead. Then I changed my mind and now we have a different bedroom suite. The frames sat in the bottom of my walk-in-robe for a few years until Poster Candy came along.

I'd seen a friend on Instagram hang several of these amazing photo collages of her Instagram shots on her walls. She shared that they were from Poster Candy and she raved about them! I fell in lust after them right then! When I took the plunge to use Poster Candy  I was seriously impressed at how easy and quick it was to use. I like that all the available sizes fit into standard Ikea frames which keeps the overall cost low. 

I was worried at first that I wouldn't have enough photos as I really hadn't been using Instagram for that long ... or had I? I don't think I'd realised how much I was hooked on Instagram. I think I was in denial from my addiction.


  So did I have enough photos? Haha um definitely yes!!! I created one of all the shots of my two beautiful little monkeys and one of general photos since I started using Instagram. I love looking at them as it's such an amazing trip down memory lane in just one poster.
You find Poster Candy right here.

 Sizes available include 30cm x 40cm (RRP $19.95), 40cm x 50cm (RRP $24.95), 50cm x 50cm (RRP $29.95), 
50cm x 70cm (RRP $34.95) and 70cm x 100cm (RRP $49.95), plus $9.95 Australia-wide shipping.

Are you an Instagram addict too? Or are you still in denial?

 Disclosure: Poster Candy supplied me with the posters but the frames were mine. I was not paid for this review.  All opinions are mine.  

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  1. They look GORGEOUS!! And yep, totally hooked on Instagram AND Poster Candy ;-)


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