Saturday, 11 May 2013

Our Playroom - Inside

The post I did the other day about our playroom seemed quite popular but I did realise that I didn't show you what was inside. So here goes ...

The buckets in the expedit hold baby toys (put aside for visitors) and the other holds babies and dolls.

The drawers hold lots of things. The skubb boxes I already had in the drawers came in handy too.

One of the drawers holds, shopping baskets, cash registers, an old computer keyboard, calculator etc. These things are great for setting up pretend offices, schools, shops etc.

The very cute suitcases that I LOVE hold their DVDs, beauty kits, baby clothes & baby stuff. Two are empty but I have future plans for those :)

The little blue containers I picked up from The Reject Shop last year hold cars and more cars!

Oh and yes I did have all the duplo sorted into labelled trofast containers but it just wasn't working so they all got tipped into a blue stripy bag/box from Big W. Love it!!

So there you go .. nothing too fancy as we just used what we had.
Somethings will definitely be changed but it will be a bit by bit process.

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