Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Little Garden Project

I've long wanted a lovely abundant herb, fruit and vegetable garden and ventured into making this all happen when I was about 6months pregnant with my second child way back at the beginning of 2011. We planted several herbs, lettuce, chilli and a lime tree. 
Well sad to say that they went well for while, then they started to get neglected the more pregnant I became and then when baby number two arrived and proved to be a very hungry thriving, non sleeping active, screaming vocal baby all that survived was the garlic chives!

So a couple of years on and I was ready to try again. I have to say when I told my husband this he seriously laughed at me but I was determined to prove him wrong! I started by moving all the pots we had from our first attempt to a less sunny spot out the back near the washing line. This has been working wonders! Let's face I'm at the washing line nearly everyday so it's easy to check on them and the girls always come with me and help water them with their own watering cans.

In the new spot they get just the right amount of sun with out being blown away when the sea breeze comes in. We started out with just a few herbs and now have garlic, strawberries, parsley, Italian parsley, tomatoes, coriander, basil, spring onions, chilli plant, broccoli and hopefully soon a lime tree. I'm adding slowly to the collection.

One of the things I've been trying out is 'recycling' to grow new plants. I started with planting some spring onions that were wilting in my fridge. I simply stuck them in a pot with some potting mix and they thrived. Then I tried planting the ends of the spring onions after cooking one night and they grew back - major happy dance was done!

This week I got super excited to see that the leek end I planted a few days ago has some green shoots coming up. 

I can't wait to try more things to grow and regrow.

I may have inherited a tiny minuscule of a green thumb from my parents after all :)

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