Friday, 31 May 2013

Garden Project Update

I posted a few days ago about the new home grown goodies garden we started a while ago but I hadn't included any updated photos. Since it started there was an incident with our dog and some of the plants. Sadly we lost the lettuce and one chilli plant.

Our garden patch...

My tomato plant needs some more care and we're having a problem with a caterpillar!
Any tip or advice are more than welcome :)

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  1. Hi Kaz, we have a pot with basil and parsley in it. The basil got completely eaten by a small green caterpillar but the parsley was fine. I asked a gardener and he said to hand pick the caterpillars off every day (usually underneath the leaves) and to spray the foliage with Neem Oil. Yates also do a Vege Dust but it is not organic. I'm going to try the Neem Oil. Good luck!


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