Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge: Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

 Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

1. People standing too close to me at the checkout.

2. Heights: I don't do heights well at all. Two stories can unnerve me.

3. Public speaking: I can do classrooms but public speaking ... nightmare.

4. Unexpected hugging: I do hug but make sure I know it's coming.

5. Cockroaches: I'd choose a mouse over a cockroach any day.

6. Feet: I do not like other people's feet getting all close and personal with me. I love my kids feet and after ten years I'm okay with my husband's feet. 

(Jasmin's newborn foot)

7. My kid's wearing clothes that don't coordinate: I don't mean 'matchy matchy' but Molly dresses herself these days and her choices can sometimes really clash.

8. Talking on the phone: Poor hubby always has to be the one that rings up and orders Chinese. Bugs the crap out of him!

9. Talking to strangers about my blog and sometimes friends.

10. Couples fighting around me. 

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