Friday, 3 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge: Big Ticket Item Bargain Shopping

Okay so whoops I missed yesterday's post in the blog everyday in May challenge from Jenni at Story of My Life. Day 2 and I'm already behind! I started it then went out to have my hair done. I think my hairdresser is a lovely person but did she have to point out the fact that I suddenly have lot of grey hairs!! Anyway I'm cutting a long story short: There was some late night retail shopping therapy after that, lights left on (dodgy switch in car) and a flat battery. By the time I got home there was no blog writing mojo left. Anyway time to get back on track.....

Bargain Shopping
(for big ticket items and appliance) ...

Yesterday's topic was to educate you all on something I'm good at and one thing I know I'm good at is getting a great deal on big ticket items and appliances. My tips? 

Ask: Always ask "What's your best price?"
 "Is that really your best price?"
"And if I pay cash?"
"Will you throw in free delivery"
Everything is worth a try. 

Know: be aware that specials advertised in catalogues are rarely the lowest price you can get goods for. Know that when the salesman says I'll need to get approval from my manager that you're probably getting the best price possible.

Timing: Late night shopping and weekend shopping are not always the best times for bargains. If you go at these time pick who you deal with carefully. These times often have casual staff on that don't have the authority to get you the best deal. Of course they are still lovely people.
Research: Do your research online, on the phone and/or in store. Have the make and model numbers handy if you can.

Tell: Let them know what another place has offered you. They love to price match or better it. Once many stores wouldn't match on-line but they seem to be waking up to it now. I used to go on foot store to store and get them to write the amount on the back of a business card. Now you can just show them on your phone (photo, screen shot or website). Yes I have been known to make up amounts. Major confession but I got some great deals ;

Be prepared to walk away: or at least let them think that. They sense a serious bargainer. If they don't want to play ball go elsewhere.

Yes I've trained my hubby to do it but I have to say I think I drive a harder bargain than him. He agrees as he knows I'm the bargainer queen!

So what sort of goodies have I done this with?

Coffee machines
Outdoor settings
Outdoor Heaters
Washing machines
Art work
Latest was my lounge. 

Love getting a bargain. I also love rewarding a store that has been good to me by passing the word on about their great service. They deserve it.

Do you drive a hard bargain?

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