Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge: An apology

An Apology

So this challenge was about issuing a public apology and I thought this was a great opportunity to apologise for some seriously terrible actions on my part......

I hereby apologise that if you rock up to my house completely unexpectedly and unannounced you may find me in my pyjamas! They might even be my brand new penguin flannelettes that Molly picked out all by herself for me on Mother's Day. She was so excited about giving them to me and so proud of herself that she picked out such cute pyjamas for her mummy :)

And if you are one of my neighbours who seemed to find this quite shocking on the occasion she found me in my Pyjamas be careful who you go gossipping to in the street about this. The other neighbour might find it absolutely hilarious that you were so mortified by this as she too likes to hang out in her pj's on the weekends all morning long and sometimes all day! In fact we've been known to have lovely chats to each in the middle of the street while both still in our pj's.

So ... I'm sorry I love pj days

Are you a Pyjamas lover too?


  1. Everyone has to have their thing.

    Mine is aprons and a headband. Rock up to my house and that's how you'll find me!

  2. Yes, my inlaws can't believe I see pj's as clothes that are not just put on 5 minutes before bed, some days depending on what's happening they are on at 5pm, or better still, still on at 11am :) The more the better I say!

  3. I agree I love my flanette pj's no matter the season. Pj day are the best. it is amazing how much you can get achieved on a pj day :)


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