Thursday, 30 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge: 10 things that make me really happy

I'm so far behind in this blogging challenge but I refuse to give up! I may not complete every one but I'm going to try to finish a lot of them even if I run right into June.
So here goes in no particular order ....

Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy

1. Shopping - yep just that. I don't need to even spend a cent as I'm just as happy window shopping but I do love a bargain buy.

2. Holidays - Most of our holidays these day are camping and I love it!

3. Watching my favourite TV shows - Here's just a few I love ...
Crime/mystery shows (Dexter, New Tricks, Silent Witness, In Plain Sight)
House & Renovating Shows (The Block,  Selling Houses, Sarah's House)
Shows with a little history (Call the Midwife, Who's Been Sleeping in My House?, Who Do You Think You Are?) and 
Shows that make me smile and laugh (Offspring, House Husbands)
4. Being Creative - I love to creative things. Whether that's creating something on the computer, working on project life, crafting, sewing, painting (yes actual oil & acrylic painting although it's been a looong time) or making something.

5. Completing something I've been working on for a while. There is no greater feeling that a job finished.

6. Coffee, chocolate and ice cream (particularly choc mint magnums)

7. My Family - I love spending time with my little family but I also love spending time with my BIG family. It gets noisy and sometimes there's conflicts with that many strong minded women in one place at one time but I still love it.
8. The Beach - I find sitting on a beach watching the ocean that most calming and relaxing feeling ever.

9. My Job: Teaching Children - There are some parts of my job that aren't so enjoyable (paperwork, report writing) but the actual teaching and spending time with kids is amazing!!

10. Random and unexpected happy mail - who doesn't love a little bit of happy mail for no reason at all. Love it whether it's snail mail, a parcel or an email.

Happy Days!!

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  1. I love Call the Midwife too - I read the book too and it was fantastic - goes into a lot more detail of what life was really like back then and the terrible conditions people lived in. Worth a read!


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