Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review - Fridge-to-go Lunch Bags

 At the beginning of the year I attended a parent meeting for Molly's Pre-kindy where they reminded us about healthy lunches and where to put them in the morning which is in the classroom. Now even though their lunchboxes are stored in the classroom and not out in the direct sun I still refused to send yogurt to school which really limits what goes into Molly's lunchbox as she is an incredibly fussy eater (After years I've stopped trying to change that and have just excepted it now). 

One parent even asked about the possibility of storing their lunches in a fridge as she wanted to be able to send her chicken sandwiches, yogurts and other things to school with her child which was just not possible. Some people freeze their yogurt but I did it once with the kids yogurt and it was gross when I opened it. Other parents suggested ice blocks or frozen drinks in the lunchbox but I always worried about the condensation making everything wet and soggy (nightmares from my childhood) so when I heard about the Fridge-to-go lunchboxes I was more than excited! 

Molly was super happy about the hot pink too.

The ice panel is actually stored in a separate compartment so no condensation.
It lasts up to 8 hours so that's a cold lunch bag all day at school.
There is plenty of room inside because the ice panel is slimline so doesn't take up half the lunchbox

Yippee yay for being about to pack yogurt! Not only does this make me happy but Molly is ecstatic as her best friend at school always has a yogurt in her lunch box. I'll still be using right through winter too as the kids lunchboxes are kept inside the classroom when I'm sure heaters will be cracked up full ball.

By the way Molly had some cute sandwiches that I made look like fish that day! I don't do this all that time but like to surprise her with something cute every now and then.

So I know what lunchbox I'll be buying for Jasmin when she starts Pre-kindy next year. Check them out for yourself right here. They retail for $34.95 and there are lots of other product available to suit your needs.

 I'm rather in love with this limited edition fridge-to-go lunchbox. 

It would be perfect my lunch if I didn't have a fridge in my classroom.
This Cool Tote would be great for weekend outings with the family too.

Disclosure: Fridge-to-go supplied me with the lunch bag but I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine.


  1. What a great idea I like the slimline ice pack and the great designs :)

  2. I like the lunch box. It looks very light and handy for my son.


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