Monday, 8 April 2013

Our Easter Getaway 2013

It feels like Easter was such a long time ago already but here's a little of what we got up to ...


Yep we went camping again! We headed off early and went to the same spot we camped at for Christmas and the Australia Day long weekend but found it full. So we went a little off road to a spot further south. We thought we had found a lovely quiet camping spot ... ha ha how wrong we were! By the weekend it was so overcrowded we will never camp in that spot again. 

The beach was lovely but we prefer something a little quieter, more secluded and well with a lot less bees. Yes bees! I've never seen so many in my life. My poor sister is allergic so she had to spend a lot of time locked up in her caravan. Oh well we still had lots of fun and really I have to say that's our first bad camping trip ever. Considering how many times we've been camping that's pretty good.

The beach was beautiful and not overcrowded but the water was a too cold for the girls and I only did a few quick dips. Most of our beach time was spent playing in the sand and building sandcastles.


 We packed some Easter craft for the girls and their cousins helped them make some decorations for around the camp.

Yay the Easter bunny found us!

Hope you all a fabulous Easter whether you were away or at home.


  1. We love that spot too, we were there for the australia day long weekend but had to camp in the dunes just behind the main camp spot, as it was packed. We were hoping to camp we your exact spot is, but that area was full too. I remember they campers at that spot had setup a water bowl and towel over the other side of the track for the bees, as they were attracted to the water. Looks likes a lovely time.

  2. Now that looks like some old fashioned family fun - apart from the bees that is.

  3. i am taking the plunge into family camping holidays this Easter. i have 3 yr old and 5 yr old boys. what tips can you give for their sleeping? what tips for sleeping bags? thank you


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