Thursday, 14 March 2013

Review: My Mocka Soho High Chair

My children have both been fairly independent little souls who like to do absolutely everything for themselves so it was no surprise to me that not long ago Jasmin flat out refused to hop into her highchair anymore. It was one of the Ikea antilop ones which we have loved for quite some time as it was easy to clean and we could take off the legs so it could be packed easily in the car for camping. 

Now when Molly moved out of the highchair (she was older than Jasmin is now) she went straight to sitting at the table which really was not ideal as she couldn't reach without kneeling up. Molly still isn't really tall enough to sit at the table by herself but we've just put it up with for now. But now Jasmin is at that stage and even younger we knew we really had to come up with a better solution for sitting at the dining room table. 

So if you are a follower of the Living on a Latte facebook page you would know that I was tossing up between the Ikea Ingolf junior chair and the Mocka Soho high chair. The lovely Shelley from Lime Tree Kids offered to send me a Mocka Soho highchair to review. 

Here's Jasmin testing out in the morning when she got up (complete with bed hair!)

 I think this photo says everything about what she thought of the new chair.

Here you can see how it fits perfectly at Dining room table.

I'm so glad she did because we love it! We love it not just for meal times but also for art'n'crafting at the big table. In fact we love it so much we're about to order another one. This will be happening in the very near future because Molly is trying to 'claim' the current one for herself. Yes they are fighting over a chair!


 But why do we love it so much and why do our kids? 
  • It means Jasmin is sitting at the perfect height for eating and crafting. You can see in the photo below that Jasmin is at the perfect height and Molly who is sitting on a normal chair is struggling to be high enough. 
  • It's a highchair that converts to a chair that can hold up to 60kg in weight so it will last for years to come.
  • It has adjustable heights (five seat heights and nine footrest heights) that I can change as Jasmin gets older. Also when we get another one for Molly they will have the exact same chair that suits their different heights. I do like matchy matchy! 
  • It's very stable with it's wide base. This was one of the things that concerned me about other junior chairs I had seen as Jasmin is very much a 'daredevil - no fear' child at times. It's also very stable when she's climbing up to her seat. I'm not 'allowed' to put her on the chair as she has to as she screams says 'do it myself!'
  • It was super easy to put together! I did it myself while watching an episode of The Block one night. 
  • It's also been just as easy to clean as the old Ikea highchair we had. Although dried weetbix will always be a problem on any surface! You've got to get onto that gross stuff really fast.

I really am so happy with this chair and I can't wait to get another one. I can see them both getting so much use for years to come especially when writing and homework time starts in this house in a couple of years or maybe sooner. If you are in the market for a highchair or junior chair I highly recommend the Mocka Soho Highchair. It retails for $89.95 at Lime Tree Kids. They came in black, white or natural and you can find them here. A worthwhile investment in my opinion.

Disclosure: Lime Tree Kids supplied me with the Mocka Soho Highchair but I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine. 

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