Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review - Reuseable Sandwich and Snack Saks

Today was Molly's first full day of Pre-kindy for the year. She was so excited! Last night before bedtime she even asked if she could go and get her clothes and shoes to lay out on the couch all ready for the morning. I've taught her well ;)

While dinner was cooking last night (apricot chicken - yummy!) we got her lunch organised. Now Molly is one of the fussiest eaters I know! Molly is sandwich eater and Vegemite is the only thing she will have in her sandwich. So my little poppet has a very boring lunch but this time we had something exciting to go in her lunch box - some very cute reuseable sandwich and snack bags (WasteNotSaks) from OllieRose. The large one fit her sandwich in and as a special treat for her first day she had some choc chip mini muffins in a smaller one. One thing I found immediately from using the saks was there was a lot more room in her lunch box which is great because I always throw in an extra piece of fruit in case she's really hungry that day (they have shared fruit for morning tea). They have a good tight closing on them which means food will stay fresh too.

One of the things I'm looking forward when Molly gets home from school is just giving them a shake and wipe out instead of completely filling up the top rack of my dishwasher with Tupperware. Or I can throw them in the wash if they need it.

Now for the really important stuff. Each sak is lined with a water- and stain-resistant nylon and the food safe nylon is PVC free, BPA free, and phthalate free.


Now I'm a Tupperware lover and that's what i usually use in Molly's lunch box but Molly's been having a lot of a trouble opening the Tupperware containers by herself. She's finally managed the sandwich keeper but only very recently and she still can't open the snack cups. So before I decided to send Molly off to school with the reuseable sandwich and snack bags I had to make sure she could open them herself. Her poor teacher doesn't want to have to open every kid's lunch containers so we did a trail run at home by having a picnic at our table inside (it was far too hot to go outside).

The girls loved the look and feel of them. The velcro was quite hard to open at first so I loosened them up a bit, opening and closing them a few times and then Molly had no problem and Jasmin just needed a little help (no surprise since she's not even two yet). I'm sure that the more they are used the easier they'll get so Molly will be finding these great little bags in her lunch box on a regular basis.

Ollie Rose has lots of different designs to choose from here if you're looking for an environmentally and mummy friendly (no washing up!) lunch bag/box option.

Disclosure: Ollie Rose supplied me with the reuseable saks but I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine. 

I personally have bought quite a number of goodies from Ollie Rose in the past year and I have always found their service to be outstanding. So when the lovely girls at Ollie Rose offered to send me a couple of reusable saks to review I jumped at the opportunity. I really do love their stuff.

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