Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Project Life 2013 - A new approach

As many of you know I'm a Project life lover. I talked a lot about Project life at the beginning of last year and started posting some of my layouts which you can read here. Then I fell way behind! 
I've managed to catch up a bit but I still have 'holes' that I need to work on. 

One of the biggest issues I've had with keeping up is getting all my stuff out and then having to put it all away before the kids are awake. My kids like to 'help' me which is sweet until they decide to add their own journalling/drawing. So this year I want to make everything a little easier to access. I have a BIG plans for this but for now I've started but sorting & tidying my existing area. I managed to do this while the kids were away for a sleepover at their cousin's house. I got all the journalling cards I have out of their boxes and put them in one easy accessible tin. I'd like to add some dividers to the tin now thanks to some wonderful inspiration from a friend.

I also tidied up my existing tools/pen tub and prettied it up by putting it inside a fabric basket I already had. I had a lot of tapes and glue that I hardly ever used so I tossed them. I'm sticking with my Tim Holtz tiny attacher and glue tape from now on. Keeping it simple! (I hope)

I also realised that I may need to change my approach. I really wanted to be crafty and creative every week but the reality is I don't always have the time. Getting a layout done more simply is more important than a half finished creative layout. So until I get a better grasp on keeping up, I'm taking a step back and will be using Photoshop to add to my photos instead. 

I'll share more of what I mean by this in another post. I'll also share some of my January layouts with you. But for now here's my title page layout for 2013 ...

 Are you a PL lover too? Have you changed your approach this year too?


  1. Hi Kerina,
    Love PL so much it's become a passion/hobby. It's my second year and trying to keep it fairly simple and consistent to keep up to date. I guess anything in an album has got to be a good thing. Love the papers you've used, it doesn't look like any of the PL kits, sweet start to 2013. Also, there's a PL Australia Facebook Group that is so wonderful, full of talented, awesome ladies if you ever need some inspiration or tips on just about anything related to PL.

  2. Hi Betty! The papers I've used are from Echo Park's eclectic range. Thanks for recommending the facebook group. I'll be checking it out :)

  3. You make Project Life enticing you are very talented. Would love to have a go at this, however it looks addictive. Love your blog, thank you for sharing. H x


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