Friday, 8 February 2013

A Little Sunshine Craft

We've a very busy day at home today. Crafting and a day of toilet training that has not gone well at all - one small rug thrown in the bin! The kids were thrown in the shower not long ago and are now quietly watching Mary Poppins in my bed. This was our little painting activity today.

This was a completely unplanned art activity. I'm so thankful I have a well stoked and recently reorganised art'n'craft cupboard so we can be spontaneous lots more often now.

Yesterday my favourite delivery man came with some parcels (he's always so happy and cheerful). The parcels were unfortunately not for me and not anything remotely exciting. There were 3 boxes of painters tape and drop sheets .. boring! 

Well boring until I saw this fantastic art activity here at Modern Parents, Messy Kids while having my morning coffee and perusing some of my favourite websites. So a little light bulb went off in my head and I quickly grabbed everything we needed so that as soon as Playschool was finished we could get all creative. I used a plastic lid tacked down with painters tape for the circle in the middle and then cut the painters tape into narrow strips.

I choose one colour but added white to make a few different tints of that one colour.

I started the kids with cotton buds, then Molly wanted to use her fingers and then realised we could be here all day I gave them paintbrushes to finish it off. 

When the kids had finished I put it outside to dry for a little while before pulling off the painter's tape. I didn't want to leave it too long as I figured the tape would be too hard to get off the paper if I left it too long.

 When it was completely dry I trimmed it, framed it and popped it together with a few other things that I've been arranging for some wall art.

I think we might try the 'Love' one next week for Valentine's Day.

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  1. Ooooh I love it! I am decorating my Daughters big girl room at the moment in yellows... this could be a perfect artwork to have her do herself!!


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