Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Little Valentine's Love wrap up 2013

I thought I'd do a little photo wrap up of Valentine's Day and the lead up to it in this house.
We did get to do all the crafts we had planned but that's life and there's always next year.
I had shared a few photos on my facebook page but thought I'd put them all together in one post.

We celebrated as a family by having cake, coffee and baby cinos together for afternoon tea.
We all had a lot of fun spreading the love this Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review - Reuseable Sandwich and Snack Saks

Today was Molly's first full day of Pre-kindy for the year. She was so excited! Last night before bedtime she even asked if she could go and get her clothes and shoes to lay out on the couch all ready for the morning. I've taught her well ;)

While dinner was cooking last night (apricot chicken - yummy!) we got her lunch organised. Now Molly is one of the fussiest eaters I know! Molly is sandwich eater and Vegemite is the only thing she will have in her sandwich. So my little poppet has a very boring lunch but this time we had something exciting to go in her lunch box - some very cute reuseable sandwich and snack bags (WasteNotSaks) from OllieRose. The large one fit her sandwich in and as a special treat for her first day she had some choc chip mini muffins in a smaller one. One thing I found immediately from using the saks was there was a lot more room in her lunch box which is great because I always throw in an extra piece of fruit in case she's really hungry that day (they have shared fruit for morning tea). They have a good tight closing on them which means food will stay fresh too.

One of the things I'm looking forward when Molly gets home from school is just giving them a shake and wipe out instead of completely filling up the top rack of my dishwasher with Tupperware. Or I can throw them in the wash if they need it.

Now for the really important stuff. Each sak is lined with a water- and stain-resistant nylon and the food safe nylon is PVC free, BPA free, and phthalate free.


Now I'm a Tupperware lover and that's what i usually use in Molly's lunch box but Molly's been having a lot of a trouble opening the Tupperware containers by herself. She's finally managed the sandwich keeper but only very recently and she still can't open the snack cups. So before I decided to send Molly off to school with the reuseable sandwich and snack bags I had to make sure she could open them herself. Her poor teacher doesn't want to have to open every kid's lunch containers so we did a trail run at home by having a picnic at our table inside (it was far too hot to go outside).

The girls loved the look and feel of them. The velcro was quite hard to open at first so I loosened them up a bit, opening and closing them a few times and then Molly had no problem and Jasmin just needed a little help (no surprise since she's not even two yet). I'm sure that the more they are used the easier they'll get so Molly will be finding these great little bags in her lunch box on a regular basis.

Ollie Rose has lots of different designs to choose from here if you're looking for an environmentally and mummy friendly (no washing up!) lunch bag/box option.

Disclosure: Ollie Rose supplied me with the reuseable saks but I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine. 

I personally have bought quite a number of goodies from Ollie Rose in the past year and I have always found their service to be outstanding. So when the lovely girls at Ollie Rose offered to send me a couple of reusable saks to review I jumped at the opportunity. I really do love their stuff.

Friday, 8 February 2013

A Little Sunshine Craft

We've a very busy day at home today. Crafting and a day of toilet training that has not gone well at all - one small rug thrown in the bin! The kids were thrown in the shower not long ago and are now quietly watching Mary Poppins in my bed. This was our little painting activity today.

This was a completely unplanned art activity. I'm so thankful I have a well stoked and recently reorganised art'n'craft cupboard so we can be spontaneous lots more often now.

Yesterday my favourite delivery man came with some parcels (he's always so happy and cheerful). The parcels were unfortunately not for me and not anything remotely exciting. There were 3 boxes of painters tape and drop sheets .. boring! 

Well boring until I saw this fantastic art activity here at Modern Parents, Messy Kids while having my morning coffee and perusing some of my favourite websites. So a little light bulb went off in my head and I quickly grabbed everything we needed so that as soon as Playschool was finished we could get all creative. I used a plastic lid tacked down with painters tape for the circle in the middle and then cut the painters tape into narrow strips.

I choose one colour but added white to make a few different tints of that one colour.

I started the kids with cotton buds, then Molly wanted to use her fingers and then realised we could be here all day I gave them paintbrushes to finish it off. 

When the kids had finished I put it outside to dry for a little while before pulling off the painter's tape. I didn't want to leave it too long as I figured the tape would be too hard to get off the paper if I left it too long.

 When it was completely dry I trimmed it, framed it and popped it together with a few other things that I've been arranging for some wall art.

I think we might try the 'Love' one next week for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Project Life 2013 - A new approach

As many of you know I'm a Project life lover. I talked a lot about Project life at the beginning of last year and started posting some of my layouts which you can read here. Then I fell way behind! 
I've managed to catch up a bit but I still have 'holes' that I need to work on. 

One of the biggest issues I've had with keeping up is getting all my stuff out and then having to put it all away before the kids are awake. My kids like to 'help' me which is sweet until they decide to add their own journalling/drawing. So this year I want to make everything a little easier to access. I have a BIG plans for this but for now I've started but sorting & tidying my existing area. I managed to do this while the kids were away for a sleepover at their cousin's house. I got all the journalling cards I have out of their boxes and put them in one easy accessible tin. I'd like to add some dividers to the tin now thanks to some wonderful inspiration from a friend.

I also tidied up my existing tools/pen tub and prettied it up by putting it inside a fabric basket I already had. I had a lot of tapes and glue that I hardly ever used so I tossed them. I'm sticking with my Tim Holtz tiny attacher and glue tape from now on. Keeping it simple! (I hope)

I also realised that I may need to change my approach. I really wanted to be crafty and creative every week but the reality is I don't always have the time. Getting a layout done more simply is more important than a half finished creative layout. So until I get a better grasp on keeping up, I'm taking a step back and will be using Photoshop to add to my photos instead. 

I'll share more of what I mean by this in another post. I'll also share some of my January layouts with you. But for now here's my title page layout for 2013 ...

 Are you a PL lover too? Have you changed your approach this year too?

Monday, 4 February 2013

I'm Back and Feeling Blessed

Well it's been a while since I last blogged. I was feeling a little down and out but now I'm back feeling very refreshed and ready to tackle the world again. Watch out!

If you read my last post you would know we were experiencing quite a bit of stress in this house with the illness of my father-in-law and while this is still happening we have been very blessed to have some time-out to relax a little. For me I got a quite a few periods of 'me' time which is exactly what I needed to re-charge my batteries and my sanity. I have to say that our families have been amazing! I'm feeling very blessed to have them here to help us at the moment. The girls have had a few sleepovers with the in-laws, aunties, uncles and cousins. They have loved every minute of it. I think making cupcakes with their older cousin was major hit!!

  We even managed to get away for a little holiday on the Australia Day long weekend and I have to say that my sister and I exerted quite a bit of girl power on that weekend! You see we choose to go camping at Sandy Cape where we went at Christmas. The only problem is that this place is fully packed out on long weekends. You really need to go a few days before the actual weekend to secure a camp site and our husbands both had to work right up to Friday so we hatched a scheme. We decided to go up before them. I drove up in hubby's car with the girls and my sister had her hubby took up her caravan then went back to work. Then we managed to set my tent, gazebo, kitchen areas including 2 Engels and a generator all by ourselves! 

It was extremely windy but that didn't stop us - girl power all the way!! 


We had a lovely time with our kids and just us before the husbands arrived late Friday. 

  Well okay we had a lovely time after the husbands arrived too but I really do think we should do a girls camping weekend sometime! Hehe!

Thank you to all those wonderful family members of mine that have lent us a helping hand.
Thank you to all my wonderful friends and readers for hanging around and for all your lovely messages of support.

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