Monday, 14 January 2013

A Bedroom Change Around

First thank you so much for all your kind words after my last post. Life is a little more upbeat around here after hubby extended his time off for a few more days and my in-laws kindly had our kids on the weekend so we could escape to a hotel for the weekend for some much needed couple time.
Last week we decided to finally make the move. You see we don't have a playroom so they kids use the family room as their playroom. Now the kids are older and their toys are multiplying we decided we wanted to reclaim our family room back. Our solution to getting a playroom at the moment is to have the girls share a bedroom. Both of the girls only slept in their rooms and had no toys in there. Molly has been asking for quite some time to have Jasmin sleep in her room and whenever it was bedtime Jasmin would often sneak down to Molly room and hop in her bed. We were originally going to move Jasmin into a bed too but then we decided that we weren't really for her to be free and roaming in the mornings. She's trouble with a capital T these days!
Here a few quick shots I took the day I moved them in together. 
There lots of ideas I have in my head for this room but I'm taking in slowly and letting involve with time. The most urgent things that are needed is a rug, some under bed storage and new quilt covers. I have my heart set on some lovely white baskets with material liners for under the bed like the ones on the change table but I haven't found any yet. This room and the playroom will eventually get repainted a neutral colour but repainting our room and the hallway is on the list first!

If you are wondering what's on the change table ....

Molly put a nappy on her monkey. I thought this was just a little cute.

When we first moved in together it was a bit like - OMG! What were we thinking?? We're insane but after a week but they seem to have gotten in a good sleeping pattern now. Jasmin always go to bed first and then Molly goes as soon as Jasmin is sound asleep. The really funny thing is they actually sleep-in longer now they share a room. They used to wake up at about 5/5.30 but now it's more like 6.30am. Of course sometimes they really are awake at 5.30 but they happily play together for a while.

The whole sharing a room arrangement is not a long term permanent arrangement. We feel that one day when they are both at school they will need their own space. But it's okay we have a plan in mind for that day. Our house has the perfect little area at the front where the previous owner had a massive 3 tiered fountain/water feature. We were going to build a little deck to put a table and chairs on. Instead we're going to grass it til in a few year we can afford to build on a room here. That will be the new office/study and the current office/study will become the playroom. 

We're all allowed to dream for one day right?


  1. Looks great Kaz! and I love your dreams for the future too!!!

  2. Looks lovely! how old are your 2 girls?
    Eventually I want my 2 girls to share. They are currently 2yrs old and 6 months old

    1. Hi Tanya my girls are 3.5yrs and 21mths. I wanted to do it earlier but had to wait til Jasmin the youngest was sleeping really well at night.


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