Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Crafting

We have been busy enjoying doing some Christmas Craft in this house. I'm loving that Jasmin is old enough to do some craft and that Molly can do more complicated craft. Yes I'm loving it just as much as the kids! Here's some of what we've made so far.

Some simple Christmas wreathes. I made the circles by simply tracing around some different sized bowls. The girls glued on sequins and poms poms using craft glue.

We made these reindeers last year too by tracing around the one foot and two hands for the girls. The one above is Jasmin's and the one below is Molly's. Molly insisted that her reindeer needed a body so I quickly cut out an oval shape and got Molly to concertina fold some legs. I thought she's need some help with the folding but apparently not. She told me that she knew how to do it because they'd done it on playschool. To my surprise she really didn't need any help!!

Molly made a Christmas Card for her teacher. The one on the right is mine (my sample one from my teaching days) and the one of the right is hers. I cut out most of the shapes and let her do the yellow strips and gluing.

The girls also did some stamping using cheap Christmas stamps I found at Big W. They got them in their advent bags as a treat.

I'm off to do some more craft with the girls now :)

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