Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Activities

I thought I would share some of the Christmas activities I prepared for my kids during this wonderful festive season. I did most of these several weeks ago so I could devote most of December crafting with my girls. I thought I would be less flat out busy this way ... haha who was I kidding! Silly me just decided to do more stuff instead!!

The first couple are some magnetic play sets. I got these free printables here and here.

I printed them straight onto magnetic printer paper that I found by accident at Officeworks. I highly recommend printing the background on to magnetic paper too as the magnetic paper isn't strong enough to go through the laminated paper. I made the nativity set and elf set. The Christmas tree decorating set while cute just has too many tiny pieces for my girls but would be great for older kids.

If you don't want to go to the expensive of magnetic paper you could just print them out and collage with them. 

More great printables can be found here and here.
I've printed out writing cards, cards for snap, worksheets, sequencing cards and much more.

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