Monday, 31 December 2012

A New Year

 Well it's New Year's Eve and a time when I'm usually excited to reflect on the year gone by and the year ahead. We have certainly had some great times, some sad times and my kids have grown up way too fast!

Right now I'm finding it really hard to get into the excitement of 2013. While I am ever so grateful to be married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful healthy children I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as I know that the year ahead is going to bring some very difficult times. I know that in the following year it is more than likely my husband will lose his father and my children their grandfather. 

The last several months have been extremely difficult for our little family. My father-in-law is very ill and we've been told that we could lose him anytime but in no certain time frame. The suggestion of a year was responded with unlikely. Currently he is hospitalised but soon arrangements will be made to his future living arrangements whether full time care at home or care in a home. My husband has been under an extreme amount of stress related to this. He has had to take over all his affairs, attended lots of meetings, filled out mountains of paperwork and sorted out some very complicated financial issues. There is so so so much more and I won't be going into all the details. I seriously don't know how my husband has still managed to run a business so well and professionally whilst spending time with his children and me. I love him dearly and my heart breaks to see him so emotionally, mentally and physically pushed to his limits.

One thing I do know was that if we had not taken gone away with his family for Christmas and had a well earned holiday he may well have had a breakdown. We don't have a lot of help with the kids, they are in our care pretty much 24/7. We were lucky enough in November to have family take the girls for a day at their house and that was pure bliss. I know many of you are in the same boat. I also know that it's just life and that everybody is busy with their own problems but it still doesn't change the fact that it's just plain hard at times. One other thing I have learnt is that kid's certainly do pick up on stress and it reflects in their behaviour.  I've had those moments of despair and exhaustion where I've sat on the kitchen floor and cried a bucket load of tears. 

Going away camping with my MIL and her husband over Christmas gave us some time out from our kids even though they were only a few meters away. Someone else was there to help give them breakfast, change nappies and entertain them. Isn't it amazing how wonderful it is to be able to have a conversation with your husband with the constant interruptions. It was such a beautful time with our kids and we will treasure those memories forever. We both feel recharged in ourselves, as a couple and as a family.

I'm going to need all that recharged energy to get my house back in order and finish lots and lots of projects I have on the go. What a mess my house is at the moment! While I love have a neat and tidy house I know that life sometimes gets in the way and in the end it what really matters is love and hugs and more love.

Sorry for such a non positive post but I've been meaning to write about this for a while. I'll be very nervous when a hit the publish button but I wanted you to know why sometimes I just disappear for a while, don't post for ages or forget to respond to comments. Life's a juggle at the moment and sometimes I drop balls!

I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the new year and wishing you all 
lots of good things and great moments in 2013!


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Teacher Gifts 2012

We have been so lucky this year to have such lovely teacher's for Molly. She started out on her first days as so quiet and shy and grew into a confident chatty little girl. Molly loved school and it was always her highlight to the week. 

When I explained to her the other day that school was finishing for the year and her teachers were going on holiday she asked if she could go with them! Yep she really loves them that much. So when when it came to the end of year gifts I wanted to make sure they knew how much I appreciated all that they had done for Molly and all the time and hard work they had put in.

I went with this plan:
A bright summer colour theme
Something to drink (A bottle of cider)
Something to eat (a roll of fruit tingles)
Something to use (a notebook)
and all in a container they can re purpose at home or in their classroom.

I also threw in a few straws I had purchased at clearance prices from a party store for fun.

I found this cute printable here and popped it in a frame for the teacher.

You might be wondering the costing of all this so here's my breakdown:
Cider - ($6) 3 for $18
Fruit tingles - (70c) on special at Woolies
Notepads - ($3.33) 3 for $10 at Typo
Buckets - ($3) on clearance at Riot
Photo frame - ($3) Reject Shop

Total cost:
Teacher Assistant - $13 
Teacher - $16

I was happy with that. Not that much more than a good quality box of chocolates really.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Crafting

We have been busy enjoying doing some Christmas Craft in this house. I'm loving that Jasmin is old enough to do some craft and that Molly can do more complicated craft. Yes I'm loving it just as much as the kids! Here's some of what we've made so far.

Some simple Christmas wreathes. I made the circles by simply tracing around some different sized bowls. The girls glued on sequins and poms poms using craft glue.

We made these reindeers last year too by tracing around the one foot and two hands for the girls. The one above is Jasmin's and the one below is Molly's. Molly insisted that her reindeer needed a body so I quickly cut out an oval shape and got Molly to concertina fold some legs. I thought she's need some help with the folding but apparently not. She told me that she knew how to do it because they'd done it on playschool. To my surprise she really didn't need any help!!

Molly made a Christmas Card for her teacher. The one on the right is mine (my sample one from my teaching days) and the one of the right is hers. I cut out most of the shapes and let her do the yellow strips and gluing.

The girls also did some stamping using cheap Christmas stamps I found at Big W. They got them in their advent bags as a treat.

I'm off to do some more craft with the girls now :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Activities

I thought I would share some of the Christmas activities I prepared for my kids during this wonderful festive season. I did most of these several weeks ago so I could devote most of December crafting with my girls. I thought I would be less flat out busy this way ... haha who was I kidding! Silly me just decided to do more stuff instead!!

The first couple are some magnetic play sets. I got these free printables here and here.

I printed them straight onto magnetic printer paper that I found by accident at Officeworks. I highly recommend printing the background on to magnetic paper too as the magnetic paper isn't strong enough to go through the laminated paper. I made the nativity set and elf set. The Christmas tree decorating set while cute just has too many tiny pieces for my girls but would be great for older kids.

If you don't want to go to the expensive of magnetic paper you could just print them out and collage with them. 

More great printables can be found here and here.
I've printed out writing cards, cards for snap, worksheets, sequencing cards and much more.

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