Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Our Christmas Advent Calendar

This project has been a long drawn out one and not because it is in anyway hard! But at long last I have finished preparing the kid's advent calendar for this year. I can't wait to start it on Saturday.

 How did this advent calendar come about? There are a number of reasons:

1. Molly + chocolate everyday for 24 days = total hypo nightmare!
2. Jasmin + too much chocolate = nightmare nappies!
3. I love the advent cards made by Bianca from A little delightful.
4. I wanted to start a family tradition that we could re-use every year.

So I decided to sew 24 advent bags that I could pop an advent card in and a little treasure for the kids.
Trust me I kept the sewing simple - just straight lines for me!

I found the beautiful fabric from Spotlight and was lucky to buy it when they had 30% off. I bought a meter of each. I bought white for the back of the bags in case the pegs for the numbers didn't work out. My back-up plan was to use a stencil and fabric paint to do the numbers. 

Thankfully I was quite happy with the pegs. They are just plain old wooden pegs from Coles and I used some stamps and an ink pad I already had. They turned out more rustic looking than I had planned but I still think they look cute.
Inside each of the bags I put a treat/gift and one of the advent cards from A little delightful. You can find them here.

Here's some of the treats/gifts I included in the bags:
Chocolate freddos
Note pads
Cookie cutters
Games (bingo, snap, memory)

Big W had some great little Christmas gifts that I found on my girls weekend away last month. Discount stores have some great little pencils and novelty items too.

 I used a December calendar to plan and record the treats and activities we're doing.
 It's another wonderful download from A little delightful you can find here.


  1. WOW I look at this project in amazement- wish I had a few crafty bones in my body

  2. Seriously love your hand made little bags Kaz! So lovely to have them to use for years to come & that they were made with love! I can't wait to start our little advent bags on Saturday too! Oh & that fabric is gorgeous.x.

  3. Totally love everything Kerina!! Pegs, bags, gifts, girls weekend away ..... xo


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