Friday, 30 November 2012

24 Christmas Books Wrapped and Ready to Go!

I was busy putting the finishing touches to our collection of Christmas books last night. Each night before bed we will unwrap a Christmas book to read together. I'm so excited about this because my girls love their bedtime stories! This is one of the many great ideas I've from on Pinterest.

Being a teacher I already had a good stash of Christmas books before I had kids and I have slowly added to the collection each year. I haven't got 24 books yet as I'm still waiting on a few new ones from book depository. We have enough to get us started though. 

I wrapped them up using Christmas paper I had leftover from last year and printed the numbers from here. I printed them on white card for durability and used a scalloped punch to cut them out. You could also print them straight onto label paper.

Check out the how Liz from Bizzy Dayz has done hers here
She even has some gorgeous countdown labels from Bianca at a little delightful to print out if you want to do your own.


  1. This is fantastic! Will definitely have to do this next year - ran out of time this year.

  2. Love it, we have a great collection of christmas books as my mum buys them a new one each year. Will you wrap the same books next year??

    1. That's a good question! I will be wrapping the same next year but I intend to add some new ones each year. There also are a few simple books in the collection that will probably not get used next year.

  3. I LOVE this so so pretty Kerina!!!
    I was about to ask you where your paper is from it's gorgeous but see it's from last year. LOVE this, think i will have to do them next year!
    Thank you also for sharing my printables as always hun you're so lovely xxx

  4. Oh Kaz - This is seriously gorgeous and I adore this idea. You are so my kind of gal with all your Martha craftiness. I love letting my inner Martha run loose at this time of the year too :) xx

  5. This is a gorgeous idea - we do it every year. Sometimes including books from the library too.


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