Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sorting My Kids Artwork

I finally sorted through the pile of my kids artwork last week and did something with it all. It was all thanks to The Organised Housewife's 20 day challenge. I made some little helpers in the process.

First thing I did was sort the art work into two piles - Molly & Jasmin. You can guess which pile is Molly's can't you?

Before I did the next sort I quickly made up some cards to help me sort the artwork into 5 piles: 
keep, display, scan, photograph and bin.

The cards I made were simply printed at Officeworks like photos. They are available for download here. I like doing it this way because printer ink can be expensive and printing for 5 x 10c photo is only 50c!

I've also put them on an printable A4 sheet you can download here if you prefer to print at home.
 I laminated them after so to inspire me to regularly sort through the ever growing pile of artwork.

I'll be sharing how I keep their artwork very soon :)


  1. Great idea Kerina looks great.

  2. Love those cards thanks Kerina, I will get some printed too. Love your artwork album and thee cover page etc - so cute


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