Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Pot Drawer had a Makeover

I am fairly lucky that I have a very deep pot drawer. It's housed my favourite baccarat saucepan collection for some years but all that changed last week. My pot drawer is a pot drawer no longer .. it's a baking drawer! Yes I swapped all my saucepans for my backing trays, slice trays, muffin trays, loaf tin etc

Why? Well my baking collection has grown quite significantly since having children and how I had them stored was not working for me at all. I had bought a divider rack from a kitchen store last year. I put this in my kitchen cupboard and had my trays lined up in it. Only problem was a lot of my tins and muffin trays were too wide for the spaces. The cake tins ended up piled up in the front of them and so getting a tray out was quite catastrophic!
I'd seen I few bloggers (sorry I really can't remember which ones) talk about the organising racks from Kmart. I thought I'd give the rack idea another go. They were only $4 each so I got two. 

When I got home I had the brain wave to put my baking trays in the pot drawer and my saucepans in the cupboard. The trays and cake tins fit perfectly. My saucepans fit nicely in the cupboard too. I used the old rack to hold my saucepan lids in.

It has worked a treat now all week and we've baked with no disasters getting the right trays out. This little change has made baking in my house much easier.


  1. Great idea - I love the racks... and the round tins can't roll away in the drawer!

  2. Great idea Kerina! Happy baking :)

  3. Stop it Kaz - You are making me want to organise on my day off! haha Love your work hun xx


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