Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A little Halloween Pumpkin Craft

We've made a little Halloween craft. It's the first crafting activity Jasmin has done without constant supervision and help. Although when we added the faces today she did try to lick the glue of the card!

You'll need:
small paper plates
orange paper
black card
brown card
green pipe cleaner

Molly helped me tear up the orange paper into 1-2cm pieces and then it was gluing time. I choose small paper plates for the girls to make it a quicker and easier activity. I cut some stalks for them to glue on and then we used a hole punch so we could thread the pipe cleaner through. We added the face the next day when their pumpkins were dry

Very simple really.

A little tip: for our crafting activities I buy a big pack of assorted scrapbook paper from Kmart. I've got a couple of packs (bright and pastel) so I always have whatever colour I need. They've lasted forever and I've still got heaps left.

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  1. I love this craft thanks Kerina! I hadn't thought of buying some cheap coloured paper so I might pop into Kmart. We have been using up my old scrapbooking papers but I think I should get some plain colours in bulk. Thanks so much.


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