Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Counting Books

My Miss Molly is right into counting and numbers at the moment. I thought we should have a little fun with it. I remembered seeing a counting book on Pinterest which was made using photos of things around the house. 

I decided to get Molly to help me make her own counting books using some of her toys. I got her to collect 5 of her Little People and 5 animals. We had lots of fun counting them while we took their photos. 

Even though Molly is quite happily counting up to 10, I just wanted to her concentrate on actual counting from 1 - 5. Kids can often verbally count one to ten but can't count actual objects accurately.

I used Photoshop to add text to my photos. There are a few free Internet based photo editing sites you could use to create your own. I printed my photos out at home, laminated them and hole punched them. I used metal rings that you can find at craft stores to bind them together. You could also just use a cheap photo book to put them in too.

Molly had lots of fun finding her animals, matching them to the pictures, counting as she adds another one and just simply reading her own book.

I have included ours as a free printable available for you if you wish. Just simply download the zip file containing the photos and take it to your photo printing place. You can print them out as 6x4s. 

There are two available - animals and people.


  1. Love it, Kerina! These books look fantastic and I know the kids would love them because they use familiar items.

  2. We are forever doing road trips and i think these would be perfect booklets to keep my kiddies busy for at least 5 minutes!


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