Wednesday, 26 September 2012

20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home Challenge - Week 3

 Week 3 is already over in The Organised Housewife's 20 day Challenge! I can't believe how fast these weeks are flying by. Here are some highlights from my week 3.

Under my laundry sink certainly needed an overall! I had some Tupperware modular mates I wasn't using (now I use super ovals & rectangles in my pantry) and decided they would be great for storing the light bulbs and dog treats I keep under the sink. The tub on the left has a shower head for the tap and other bits for our dog.

The dishwasher was fairly easy for me since it's not that old. I like using a Finish dishwasher cleaner in my dishwasher every couple of months.

My bathroom cupboards just needed a quick tidy up. If you ant some more details on how I organise my bathroom cupboards just check out my previous post here.
 Above is stage one of sorting the kid's artwork. This was a super quick one - sorting whose it was. Jasmin doesn't have a lot yet!

Next I sorted the artwork into piles. I'm going to share how I store the kid's artwork in a future post so stay tuned.

Would you believe that my kid's wardrobes are one of the tidiest spots in the house? Crazy I know but they don't have much in them! Below is Molly's wardrobe. I'll be sharing more on the girls wardrobes soon too.
   I was absolutely thrilled last earlier in the week to have chosen to be featured in The Organised Housewife's Weekend link up. I've love looking through at bloggers are approaching the challenge. It's a great way to find some great new blogs to read. Check them out here!

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