Wednesday, 19 September 2012

20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home Challenge - Week 2

Well I just finished Week 2 of The Organised Housewife's 20 day challenge to clean and organise our homes!

Okay well that's not quite the whole truth. I finished most of it. I love all the checklists sheets provided each day because it means I can go back when I have a spare moment or even after the 20 days and play catch-up. I seriously love that really you can work at your own pace if you need to. With two little children I get interrupted alot!

For some of you 40 days might work better and you can stretch one day's task across two. Or you could do what I did in the first week and play a bit of catch-up on the weekend while someone else was around to help with the kids.

Here are some highlights of my week 2

My fridge is a bit bare. I always wait til the day before a big shop to clean out my fridge.
Want to know more about how I organise my fridge? Check out a previous post here. I have now changed my white baskets to clear baskets with handles. Hubby prefers to see these as he can see what's in them better. Both types of baskets are available at Kmart.

Cleaning the inside of machine was easy since it has it's own clean cycle. The inside around the bowl and lids needed a good wipe down though. Yuk!
For more details on my Linen cupboard you can read my previous post here. There are a few items missing from my Linen cupboard this week since my hubby has been busy packing for a fishing trip.

How are you going with the challenge? 

Are you on track or are you going to play catch-up later too?

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