Monday, 13 August 2012

Our DIY Picture Hanging Kit

I want to share with you my picture hanging kit. This is my and my husband's go to kit when we need to hang a picture in our house. I put this kit together in the months just before we got married when I was working insane hours of the night trying to finish my house to sell and hubby's house to rent. Hubby was working away in the country for weeks on end so I had to get handy real quick. 

Lucky for me my Mum and Dad had always taught me that girls can do anything. I wasn't afraid to pick up a drill. I knew the basics about wall plugs and all sorts. But I needed to have everything all in one place so I found an old divided craft box I had lying around and kept all the pieces in there. It amazing how many different bits n pieces you can accumulate over the years.

Due to some furniture rearranging and installation of some new doors in the last couple of weeks we have had a few pictures to hang and rehang so our DIY picture hanging kit got dragged out again. This time we desperately needed to resort and refill the box. The box itself was looking a bit tatty so we also bought a brand new box. I picked one up for just a few dollars at a discount store.

In our kit we keep different sized wall plugs, screws, hooks, nails, 3M command hooks, a couple of drill bits and a few other odd bits that hubby wants to keep handy. This box stays in the house with a couple of screwdrivers and a hammer so it's easily accessible by me :)

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