Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Molly's School Theme Birthday Party

On the weekend we celebrated Molly's 3rd Birthday with our family and friends.

The theme for Molly's Birthday Party changed a few times in the months before her birthday. Nothing really stood out for me. But the closer her birthday got, the more obsessed I noticed she was getting about the thought of starting school.You see the school Molly will be attending in for her primary years has a 3yr old program that I enrolled her in earlier in the year. She had to wait til she was actually 3 before she could start.

So the school party theme was born - apples, blackboards, red and green!

I was so happy with how the table turned out and even happier that I stayed in one piece all morning. I was having nightmares of Jasmin trying to pull the table cloth off and everything smashing to the floor. Luckily I managed to distract her away from the table all morning!

The polka dot lanterns are from Typo. They are actually a string of lights but I just used some coloured twine to string them up. I didn't need lights and the power point is on the other side of the room anyway.

The white blackboard was from Wheel & Barrow

The banner is a free back-to-school printable from Dimple Prints you can find here. The whole alphabet and much more including cupcake toppers, thank you cards and name tags are available for free.


I made the choc chip cookies and put them in the beautiful glass jars I have from Target. The apple sign is a Dimple Print cupcake topper printed onto label paper and cut out with a round punch.

I got the idea for the apple cupcakes was from here and the 'worms' in apples from my beloved Pinterest. All the cupcakes needed was red icing, a pretzel stick and mint leaf! The stands were a past purchase from Target. 

The spotty plates and spotty cups were from Sweet Little Birdy.

I just used jaffas for the cake. It was a really yummy cake. The actual decoration didn't work out as well as I'd hoped but I still think it looks cute.

We had vege cups that I also saw on pinterest. I used carrot, celery and capsicum with a spoonful of dip in the bottom.

Popcorn is always a favourite at our parties. I used boxes that I found in the party section of Coles and cupcake toppers from Dimple Prints you can find here. I printed them onto label paper and cut them out with a scalloped punch.

The fresh fruit cups also proved very popular and look so yummy!

We also put on party pies and sauage rolls for the adults and big kids.

Drinks were in tubs of ice on a table outside. I made the water bottles look pretty by using another free back-to-school printable. This one was from Bloom Designs. There is lots more in the set and you can find them here.

I put the goodie bags on the hall table near near the front door so they would not be forgotten on the way out. 

The little milk cartons are super cute and are a a printable from Paper Crave here. They are a little fiddly to put together but well worth it! These were given to the older kids that came to the party and had a few lollies inside.

The party bags were for the younger kids. I used white paper bags I found in the party section of Coles. The thank you card was another free printable from here

The party bags contained school type things. A pencil, novelty eraser, notepad, crayons, stickers and a mini box of smarties. I got all the goodies really cheap from Kmart, Coles and Red Dot.

Here are my two beautiful girls playing at the play dough table we set up for the party.

They had such a lovely time but they really are growing up too fast!


  1. You did a wonderful job Kaz....and what a unique theme too..

  2. Oh I LOVE your ideas! They are just gorgeous. Can I ask where your hall table with the baskets are from? I know....of all things to ask about, but I am hunting for one with baskets for our new house! x Michelle

    1. Thanks Michelle. The hall table was from Ikea. Its called Lyckhem.

  3. What a gorgeous party Kaz. I just poured over every picture. I am such a sucker for a good party ;) xx

  4. What a fantastic theme idea :) I actually love the birthday cake - with the plain coloured icing the Jaffa really stand out and contrast - love it!

  5. LOVE it ALL, how gorgeous you did such a beautiful job Kaz!! Happy Birthday sweet Molly!

  6. Kaz, what a gorgeous party!! Beautiful, and I bet Miss Molly had a wonderful day!! I love that you did such an original theme as well, very clever!!

  7. This is a fabulous party Kaz! You did an amazing job! I love it all - your attention to detail is second to none. May you hold the happy memories from the day for many years to come :) xx

  8. Ohh Kaz, it all looked so amazing! What a wonderful job you did and a gorgeous party for a gorgeous Miss Molly xo

  9. So cute Kaz. What a wonderful party!- love seeing the water bottle labels!


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