Friday, 27 July 2012

Remembering Our Wedding

Yesterday the lovely Bianca from A little delightful shared this on her facebook page

 It sent a flood of memories back to me of our wedding day over 7 years ago. I loved our wedding! Of course unfortunately friendships change and so the guest list and bridal parties would look very different today. But to be honest there's not much else it'd change.

The budget was tight as we had to payfor most of it ourselves but it was wonderful. There was alot of DIY for the invitations and reception. My dress was under $1000. Here are some pictures I thought I'd share with you. We shopped alot at Ikea and spotlight back then too.

Our reception was in a surf club. We hired tables, chairs and linen. My wonderful niece was kind enough to set all the tables up for us on the morning of the wedding. She did an amazing job. We had ikea candles, holders with rocks and floating candles from Spotlight and cute little white bowls of kool mints.

The placemats were all printed, cut and glued at home. That was a BIG job!

The cake was made by my bridemaid's sister dirt cheap.

We had a beautiful wedding book made up by a lady a found at the markets. I think the most important thing to spend your money on when you get married is on a photographer.

 And can you tell we liked blue and the beach back then too - some things don't change :)


  1. I came accross photo's of your wedding the other day when I was sorting through our external hard drive! Was such a beautiful and fun day, time flies :)

  2. What beautiful memories! So nice to look back on. And you make one gorgeous bride!

  3. You didn't need pinterest! You did a beautiful job AND on a budget- yay you!

  4. What lovely photos and Melissa above is right, you didn't need Pinterest, you did a wonderful job. The little quote above made me laugh though as while I too loved our wedding, there are definitely ideas and things I've come across that if I were getting married today, I'd love to incorporate. Sites like Style Me Pretty have me swooning over all the pretty images :)

  5. Beautiful photos Kaz!! And we had the same colour scheme planned for ours :) Sometimes I really wish we had celebrated such a special day with our families instead of eloping. You did a beautiful job and you looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING xxx

  6. Just gorgeous! I agree a great photographer is worth every cent, all these years later thats all you have..the memories! You were a gorgeous bride!

  7. Kaz, you have brought back memories fom my wedding. We celebrate 15 years this year, in October. We are from WA (now live in QLD) and had our photos on the same beach. One of our best friends had their photos by the blue wall too. Oh the memories. In October I plan to do a similar post. Beautiful memories.


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